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Grizzly Bear Viewing and Bear Photography
Between mid September to mid October thousands of salmon run on the river. Watch and photograph grizzly bears, bald eagles and at times golden eagles.  Add a variety of landscapes and bear fishing action to your photo portfolio. Get those images, no one else has. View the Photo Gallery.

Workshop Leader David Hemmings will teach action bear photography to ensure you have the correct settings. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Challenge your skills and get creative. Capture these amazing grizzly bears and black bears fishing for salmon on the river.  Read more...

Bear Viewing & Bear Photography. Viewing pricing details (Hands-on photography learning with Bear Eagle Action). Includes meals, rooms, instruction, boat and workshop.  

GRIZZLY BEAR VIEWING TOUR - $199 + tax per person. 10:30-3:30pm. 2 hours on the river.


Eagle Bear Lodge has plenty of wildlife opportunities. Surrounding our lodge we share the wilderness area with Blad Eagles, American Pelicans, Loon, Black Bear, Moose, Cougar, Lynx and the Grizzly Bear, White Tailed Deer and more...

Photography 101 - 1 Day Workshop with
David Hemmings, National Geographic Published Photographer

Bird and Nature Photo 101 e-book by David Hemmings is included.

10:00am -12:00 noon – A two hour seminar learning the basics of photography, camera settings: ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed.

12:00-1:00 – Lunch (included). Additional beverages and snacks $extra.

1:00-2:30pm Spend the afternoon photographing birds along the nature trails, a hands-on learning photo experience.Suitable for beginners and any camera.

 $175.00+GST. 24 hour notice required.

Winter Wild Wolves Photography

During the winter months, Dec and Feb. Eagle Bear Lodge guides you to view and photograph the wild that endures the winter months such as wild wolves, coyote, deer, fox and take a journey around some of the most spectacular landscapes for your photo gallery. All inclusive 9 nights  Read More


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