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Eagle Bear Lodge has plenty of wildlife opportunities. Surrounding our lodge we share the wilderness area with Blad Eagles, American Pelicans, Loon, Black Bear, Moose, Cougar, Lynx and the Grizzly Bear, White Tailed Deer and more...

Grizzly Bear Viewing and Bear Photography

Near the end of October thousands of salmon run on the river. Watch and photograph grizzly bears, bald eagles and at times golden eagles.  Add a variety of landscapes and bear fishing action to your photo portfolio. Get those images, no one else has. View the Photo Gallery.

Workshop Leader David Hemmings will teach action bear photography to ensure you have the correct settings. ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Challenge your skills and get creative. Capture these amazing grizzly bears and black bears fishing for salmon on the river.  Read more ...

Bear Viewing & Bear Photography. Hands-on photography learning with Bear Eagle Action. Includes meals, rooms, instruction, boat and workshop.  

Winter Lynx Photography

During the winter months, Dec and Feb. Eagle Bear Lodge guides you to view and photograph the wild that endures the winter months such as wild wolves, coyote, deer, fox and take a journey around some of the most spectacular landscapes for your photo gallery.   Read more about Canadian Lynx and possible wild wolves

Read more about BC Landscapes and Wildlife  

Winter Landscapes and Wildlife of the Cariboo Chilcotin Region

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast is a vast and expansive landscape that stretches from the wilderness of the Pacific Coast to the rolling hills and mountains of the Cariboo Chilcotin region. The area is dotted with forest areas, hidden lakes, golden ranching plains and gorgeous mountain peaks.

It is an area rich with diverse wildlife and landscape photo opportunities in the winter. Animal species such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, California bighorn sheep, moose, cougar, lynx, pine marten and more all call this area home. Raptor species such as bald eagles, golden eagles, rough legged hawks, northern hawk owls, great gray owls, barn owls, northern pygmy owls and great horned owls are also found here in the winter months. Bird species include pileated woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, mountain and black capped chickadees and magpies.

Hemmings Photo Tours is based smack dab in the middle of the Cariboo Chilcotin region and we are proud to now be offering our “Winter Landscapes and Wildlife Tour”

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