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There are plenty of hiking and nature trails at and around Eagle Bear Lodge, here are a few trails you may enjoy. Note, Eagle Bear Lodge has an elevation of 3800 feet, most trails have some uneven ground. It is recommended to hike in the afternoon or the next day to adjust to the elevation. Proper hiking footwear is recommended. During bear season, end of June until the middle of October, blow horns and bear spray must be carried when hiking in some areas. A BEAR AWARE guide is located in your cabin, along with certified bear guides are available for guided hikes.

GUIDED HIKING: EMERALD LAKE  PERKINS PEAK-2842m /9324 feet. 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This full day tour is a great adventure to see one of the most unique looking lakes in BC. Emerald Lake is named perfectly. The water is the color of emeralds. Your off-roading adventure will start from Eagle Bear Lodge south into the mountain range, reaching the Perkins Peak area. We will hike following old mining trails to the lake, 2 hours each way.  Box lunch is included.  $199/ per person.


Watch the crashing waterfalls over 45 feet wide. Three cascading waterfalls will bring you back to nature. Along the way stop and see incredible mountain ranges and deep valleys. We can let you out 20 minutes prior to the falls and you can hike the rolling hills. Another 30-40 minute guided at along the incredible waterfalls completes our adventure.  Lunch included. $199 / per person. 


CHICKADEE TRAIL - Level: Easy, Distance:  Please ask Guest Services for the Eagle's Nest Trail details -2 1/2 hours each way.

Start walking from the main Bear Lodge west towards the Wolf Den Cabin, past the horse coral and follow the wood fencing until you reach a stunning panoramic view of the Nuit Mountain Range and Mount Queen Bess in the distance.  Along the way listen and watch for flicker nests, woodpeckers and grouse. Mountain Chickadees, Finches, Lewis’s Woodpeckers and Northern Hawk Owls have been seen along the trail.  Yellow-Rumped Warblers, hummingbirds, and red squirrels and chipmunks are seen often. Continue on to the Chickadee trail north until you reach the corner of the paddocks and turn right, follow the trail to the main gates and head back south to the main lodge. Near the main gate watch for nesting Blue Birds and Bohemian Waxwings. As you continue south collared doves, cow birds and others are seen along the road and near the lagoon. Continue past the lagoon and you will reach Loon Cabin. Continue back to the main lodge, and enjoy more birds on the patio.   

Pine Marten Trail - Level: Easy, Distance: 45- 50 minutes. Some rolling hills. 

Follow the Chickadee Trail until you reach the Look Out, continue to the wood shack and west towards the Hobbit Outhouse. Follow the trail north and then turn left. Follow the trail, hiking west until you reach the open grass Look for the resident pine marten at the wood shack. Return back on the same trail. 

Eagle Lake Trail: - Level: Easy, Distance: 

Follow the Chickadee Trail and head south down a slight slope towards the beach area. Watch your step as the sand minerals are very fine and muddy should you get too close to the water. Follow the shoreline east and watch for nesting Arctic Terns, killdeer, and plovers.  Listen as common loons call to each other. Watch for the American Pelicans and Sandhill Cranes which typically visit during the day, along with resident Mergansers, Canada Geese and Goldeneye Ducks swimming about. Continue to east and you might see wild horses coming down to the lake for a drink. Bald Eagles and Osprey are known to fish at Eagle Lake so keep your binoculars ready for bird action. Watch your step for nesting shoreline birds. Continue the trail to the canoes, Kayaks and head north back to the lodge. Enjoy the many birds at the feeders.

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