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Art Workshop
Paint incredible landscapes from Eagle Bear Lodge

Immerse Yourself in Nature's Canvas, Discover Your Artistic Potential"

Sept. 23-30.2023 - Instructor Dominik Modlinski

Location Eagle Bear Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

Join Dominik on an inspiring plein air journey in British Columbia, where he explores autumn hues and dynamic color harmonies. Unleash your artistic potential and invigorate your outdoor painting style with freedom, vibrant colors, and spontaneous creativity.

 Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of Eagle Bear Lodge, surrounded by breathtaking vistas of snow-peaked mountains and a serene lake. Let the tranquility embrace you as you indulge in painting, finding solace and inspiration in the picturesque surroundings. Embark on a transformative plein air journey guided by Dominik's expertise, delving into composition, brushwork, texture, and color contrast. Dominik will inspire your creativity with his travel tales and video presentations, igniting your imagination and fueling your creativity.

  • Discover the art of sketching and painting outdoors, capturing the essence of your subject matter.

  • Throughout the workshop, you will be encouraged to foster a dynamic dialogue between your artistic intuition and a deep understanding of color theory, leading to the creation of harmonious and dynamic paintings.


This painting workshop is open to both oil and acrylic media painters. Dominik will be demonstrating and painting in oil.


"I find my greatest inspiration in painting places that have deeply touched my heart and soul, where I've immersed myself for prolonged periods, allowing powerful emotional experiences to unfold. After embarking on extensive hikes or captivating water journeys, I carefully select a location that offers an abundance of potential compositions, ranging from intimate close-ups to breathtaking vistas. Remaining rooted in one spot grants me the opportunity to absorb the energy that will fuel my future studio work.

In addition to my visual observations, I attune my ears to the symphony of sounds that envelop me. Through years of experience, I've come to realize that not all sounds can be immediately detected and absorbed. It takes time, often spanning several days, to fully comprehend and connect the sounds with the surrounding forms. This heightened level of awareness adds a profound dimension to the overall quality of my paintings, enriching them with a sensory tapestry that resonates with viewers.”

Dominik J. Modlinski


Dominik Modlinski was born in 1970 in Warsaw, Poland. From an early age, he studied printmaking and later attended the School for Artistic Crafts and Design in Warsaw. In 1987, he immigrated to Canada and studied Fine Arts at Ontario College of Art in Toronto, where he graduated with honours.

Dominik’s painting journeys are a wilderness experience based upon weeks of traveling rugged and barren lands to capture, in plein air style, the majesty of nature. At the heart of his travels is a quest to discover and depict the inherent balance and truthfulness found in nature. Dominik enjoys the physical challenge that painting in such remote locations entails. It is also an opportunity to visually celebrate a unique ecosystem. For this artist, the celebration of nature is really at the heart of his work. Dominik’s northern travels have inspired him to explore further and visit many of Earth's last remaining wilderness areas. Some of the most extreme painting expeditions took him across continents and hemispheres such as Antarctica, the High Arctic, Greenland, Patagonia, into the wilds of Namibia, South Africa, Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. As we witness the disappearance of wilderness around the globe, Modlinski’s quest is to portray the need to preserve the beauty of our planet and inspire people to do so through his paintings, photographs, stories, and videos.

His other passion is martial arts, which he has studied for 35 years, and he currently holds a 6th degree black belt in Karate. Dominik currently lives and paints in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island. He is represented by fine art galleries across Canada and the USA. For detailed information, please visit Dominik’s website:

Contact Dominik by email 

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Dates: Sept 23 - Sept 30, 2023 - 7 nights 

Price $4995 CDN/ per person includes all taxes GST, PST, MRDT Deposit $1500 CDN balance due 90 days prior to start

Price includes daily painting instruction by Dominik Modlinski, accommodations, meals, guiding and transport to painting destinations. Airport transport with arrival/ depart Williams Lake (YWL) BC Canada. Transport guiding to painting landscape destinations. Other activities include wildlife viewing including, grizzly bears, bird watching, kayaking, boat tour, hiking. Does not include flights.  Arrange your flight from Vancouver (YVR-South Terminal) to Williams Lake (YWL) Pacific Coastal Airlines  or Central Mountain Air  


Day 1:  Sept 23.2023 10:00am Arrival Williams Lake ( YWL )  Pacific Coastal Airlines Sat Sep 23 2023 flight 8P551  from Vancouver (YVR) Airport pick up - 2.5 hour  drive west to Eagle Bear Lodge. B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner

Check in and tour of Eagle Bear Lodge (L,D) 12: 00 Lunch Afternoon - painting instruction at Eagle Lake Dinner:  6:30pm

Sept 24-25,26,27 -4 Days Painting with Dominik at incredible locations from snow peaked mountain views, waterfalls, sand dunes.

28, 29 30- 3 Days of activities: Enjoy a waterfall tour, wildlife viewing including, grizzly bears, bird watching, kayaking, canoeing, enjoy an Eagle Lake boat tour, enjoy the hot tub and woodburning sauna at Eagle Bear Lodge or join us for a day trip to Bella Coola.

Day 8 -(B) Depart Eagle Bear Lodge drive to Williams Lake Airport for the departing flight Pacific Coastal Airlines 10:30am 8P552

Booking Policy: $1500 CDN deposit of total to confirm your booking.  Send PayPal deposit to E-transfers to  Wire transfers, checks are accepted. Final balance paid with credit card / PayPal subject to a 4% processing fee. Cancellation / Refund Policy:  30 days prior to arrival date 100 % refundable of total booking. Within 30 to 8 days prior of arrival date 50% refundable of total booking. Within 7 days of arrival date: 100% non-refundable of total booking

MATERIAL LIST: PAINTS: Please bring your favorite selection of paints. My suggestion for pigments is as follows:

  • Titanium white.  Naples Yellow. Cadmium Yellow Lemon. Cadmium Yellow Deep. Yellow Ochre. Cadmium Orange. Cadmium Red Light. Cadmium Red Deep. Quinacridone Red. Alizarin Crimson. Burnt Umber. Burt Sienna. Viridian Green. Sap Green. Cadmium Green. Permanent Green Light. Phthalo Green Yellow. Phthalo Green Blue. Phthalo Blue. Ultramarine Blue. Cerulean Blue. Phthalo Turquoise. Dioxazine Violet. - If you don’t have all those pigments, please do not worry.

- But make sure you have at least those 3 specific pigments. Titanium white. Cadmium yellow lemon. Quinacridone Red. Phthalo Blue green shade.  If you can, use professional quality paints for colour quality and intensity.


 BRUSHES: Size variation of: Bristle filbert, Angle brushes, Flat brushes, Round bristle brush, Make sure you have large brush of each kind !

MEDIUMS: For Oil : Walnut oil  ( non toxic ) Or Galkyd Light medium by Gamblin

For brush cleaning -  non toxic TURPENOID or similar non toxic thinners such as GAMSOL

For acrylic:  Polymer medium

GROUNDS: I recommend: 11” x 14” or 12 “x 16” Primed painting service with acrylic gesso or oil ground. Bring 15 surfaces to paint outdoors Example: Masonite board. PDF board. Canvas board. Birch panel

EXTRA: Sketchbook. Camera. Paper towels

Palette (choose one of the following) - Disposable wax palette 12” x 16”. - Glass 12” x 16”. - Plastic palette. - Wooden pallet

  • Conte pencil or Prisma type colour pencil for sketching on board ( sepia colour) Pallet knives. Metal, plastic or glass containers for oil mediums and water. Container for tinner. Bags for dirty towels. Portable outdoor easel or pochade box with tripod

  • Ipad/tablet


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